Our projects

in order to achieve our goals and contribute to the rbli in their centenary year, our project is divided into three main branches:

1) fundraising

the most important aspect of our project. we will be aiming to complete all of our contributions using money raised entirely from our fundraising efforts. We aim to do this by organising and taking part in various events, including a sporting event and charity ball and auction.

2) Dementia Garden

As well as providing support and employment for veterans and the disabled, the rbli village also hosts a high-dependancy care unit at gavin astor house. the house is going through renovations, and to assist with the improvements,golden bricks are aiming to build an internal garden and improve a woodland area in order to create a safe and engaging space for the residents who live with dementia.

3) Housing sos - legacy project

to maintain a link with the village’s history, the rbli want to renovate 2 existing properties on their land. barratt are going to help them achieve this. OUr aim for this year is to set up a plan of action, including costs and contractors, that next year’s graduate cohort will be able to continue with and deliver. Any money raised over the next year that is not spent on the garden, will be put towards this legacy project.