Legacy Project: Housing SOS

House 1 (3 Bed Semi) - Front Elevation.jpg

current situation

Within the RBLI Village, there are several properties in need of renovation. The RBLI are keen to rescue these properties because, not only are they of important heritage value, but they could provide much needed additional accommodation for veterans and families.

our mission

the creation and delivery of a development portfolio for an existing property at RBLI Village in Kent. This portfolio will detail the work required for the renovation of the property and will be passed on to the next cohort of graduates for them to continue.

THe barratt graduates WILL use their experience within the industry to assist the renovation of thIS PROPERTY. Our legacy project team have been in contact with the rbli and local contractors to provide a comprehensive portfolio that can be passed on to the next cohort, detailing the scope of works required to make the houses SUITABLE FOR THE DIFFERING NEEDS OF EX-FORCES PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES.

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