Challenging the industry at Social Construct

On Thursday 26th of September Golden Bricks,  in support of The Princes Trust, hosted an evening of informal networking and cross-cultural dialogue on diversity and inclusion in the industry along with a small group of industry professionals

We understand that real value of having a diverse workforce is having different minds come together for a common purpose, and that means creating a workplace characterized by inclusion. That process begins with each of us. The event focused not only on the visible aspects such as race, gender, age, and physical ability, but also diversity of thinking.

During the evening we asked  attendees to share their thoughts on the meaning of diversity and saw intimate discussions take place around it's impact on construction. We would like to thank Accenture, for providing us a thought-provoking short video on the evening and a special thank you to Tina Patel of Formed Architects for speaking on the evening and sharing her experiences within her career.